A sample list of oils and their benefits -and links to precautions


We do NOT recommend ingesting essential oils that are not recommended to be, while many are safe for cooking such as basil, many are not. There is a host of information regarding drinking essential oils and the damage that can do. It is our belief that ONLY a clinical aromatherapist, nurse or doctor are qualified to determine which oils for consumption, and in what measure and method to do so.  It is unfortunate when we are led to believe otherwise.


Here is a link from a hospital in Australia that name specific oils and the consequences, especialy for children. 


We also would like to be sure that we state with this short list, all oils should be used with a complimentary carrier oil before applying to skin.

  • Black Pepper – Improves endurance, motivation, and stamina.  It also eases muscle aches, it is cleansing for cuts and can assist in healing bruises among other muscle related conditions.
  • Geranium – encourages relaxation, soothing and comforting.  A support oil for hormones such as menopause and menstruation. It is also used to treat dermatitis such as eczema.
  • Vetiver – Promotes the release of our anger, used for aging skin, a valuable ingredient in insect repellant.  It has been used in some countries to repel negative energy and for protection from the same.  It is relaxing. promotes circulation, and has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Sage – An essential oil used to purify, rid confused thoughts, and aid with our intuition.  It is also used in respiratory blends due to its properties of regulating fluids in our body.