Why choose Esscentual?

We know that we are doing is everywhere, candles, oil blends, sage sticks, and eventually shampoos that are infused with essential oils for specific hair types – as well as hair conditioners and tonics. So why choose us?

We want to raise the bar, we want essential oils to not only be appreciated deeply for all of their value in our daily lives but we also want the consumer to be aware that not all oils are for everyone in certain stages of life.

It DOES matter to us if you are having a baby or nursing so we select alternative oils for your product because there are some oils that you should avoid while pregnant or nursing.

It DOES matter to us if you will be using the blend on a child versus an adult as the recipe will need to be suited for a child.

It DOES matter if oils you are inhaling or massaging into skin contain pesticides and therefore we choose to not use those oils.

It DOES matter if we are using pure essential organic oils because what we put into our products, you are massaging into your skin, or breathing it in via a candle or by inhalation.  When we create hair products, again it is the skin/scalp.  No chemicals should be in such products.

We CARE, we aren’t going to market and sell, sell, sell to make money, we care about what we create, we care that you are cared for. It is important to us that we provide a quality product with quality service.

Too often I see “standard” blends and they are just perfect if you aren’t pregnant, nursing, depressed, have epilepsy, high blood pressure, diseased or damaged skin just to name a few.  As mentioned, some of these precious drops of oil should be avoided at certain times in our life, but not to worry, there are many precious drops that can be substituted to create which you desire.

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Integrity matters too 🙂



“One of the truest tests of integrity is its blunt refusal to be compromised.” This is when you stand for what is right, not compromising your standards even when everyone around you has fallen prey to the demands of the wrong side.

By: Chinua Achebe 

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